Welcome to Sankalpa Coaching.

My name is Krsangi Radhe and I would love to share your journey.

Being a mum and a working woman, I feel the pressures not only of modern-day parenting, but also the realities of the juggling balancing act!  On this note, I often ponder on exactly what the ideal balance is – and how do we strive to achieve it, as every day is different and every situation poses something new.  I therefore feel passionately to identify the strengths of the individual and not bench-mark goals and achievements on the standards of others.

I am a Neuro-linguistic Programming Practitioner, Mindset Coach and Time-Line Therapist. All these aspects of coaching coupled with my qualifications and experience in education, teaching and learning, as well as being a public relations practitioner – sets me up with an abundance of experience and knowledge of working with people.

I understand emotions! This deep connection of the mind and heart is key in all our relationships – most importantly – our relationship with ourself.

I do believe that it is imperative to celebrate every success. As a woman, every small win is a massive one – as we hold the home, workplace and personal space together.

As my love for teaching and learning is deeply embedded – my passion is to help children reach their full potential.

As a woman and mother – my passion is to empower women to stand firm in their values, and find their inner spark.

My journey has been amazing, and I am here to help you release those negative emotions, or perhaps limiting beliefs – and take charge of your life!

You are worth it!

What can you expect from SANKALPA coaching?

* A safe and comfortable place to share

* A place where empowerment is key to self love and self growth

*  Non-judgemental and totally confidential environment that promotes inner harmony

* Coaching that respects the individual lifestyle and culture

* Encourage the personal development and help find what sparks inner joy and peace

* Brings about a sense of self – where you can be yourself!*  Help you celebrate your strengths and build on areas that you want to develop

*  Gain confidence in yourself, who you are and your self-work

* Develop a mind-set of ‘I can’ and move away from a negative situation or relationship

*  Find your inner peace through healing, and time-line therapy

*  Build essential communication skills to improve professional and personal relationships

*  Allow you, to find the best way possible to achieve success within your personal space

*  Creates emotional well-being and self-awareness

* Encourage mindful and conscious living, thereby being present in your relationships

*  Self-love is key to achieve your whole!


Have you heard that you are the master of your own destiny? That you can do and achieve whatever you put your mind to? I will show you how you can do this with specific techniques to achieve results. We are all powerful and able to create exactly what we want. We just need to know how.

I can help you with a variety of challenges  and I specialize in NLP, Time-Line Therapy, Educational Coaching, Empowerment Coaching, Depression, Anxiety, Dealing with divorce and letting go of unhappiness in your life.


081 049 3240
SKYPE sessions available


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