Being a parent is no easy feat.  I am a mum to two young daughters and although I thought that parenting was difficult when they were babies – I find that as the years progress, the challenges are varied.  We approach the end of the academic year, and this means receiving school and university results.  In every home either excitement and celebrations mount; or disappointment and tears.

Understanding your child’s needs are essential to helping them better themselves – whether this is academically, or emotionally.  It is so important to have emotional strength in order to achieve success in others parts of your life.  Bullying is rife and insecurities quickly creep in.  As a parent you may not fully understand the limitations that your child feels or experiences.  Also understanding your child’s strengths and weakness within the academic space is important.

Each person has their own strengths that should be identified and grown.  The weaknesses can turn into strengths with proper guidance and mentoring.  Through educational coaching, I offer one-on-one sessions with parents and children in order to ascertain how the child can flourish and fly.

Success looks and feels different to everyone.  We need to understand that the individual talents needs to be developed.  Work with your child this holiday on focussing on how to help her progress and become a confident young person.  Celebrate the well-deserved successes.

Although holidays are a wonderful way to enjoy and have fun, it is also a useful time to plan for the year ahead.  Use this time wisely – connect with a professional if required.  Coaching can help both parents and children to assist with bringing about emotional stability and focus on learning strategies based on the individual.

Remember, that academics are just one part of life; a holistic and well-rounded child is most happy.  Loving your child and spending quality time with her is the best gift a parent can offer.

A BALANCED child is a HAPPY child

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