The year is progressing at great speed!  ‘Back to work’ and ‘back to school’ are phrases that seem to a thing of the past, as so much has happened in just over a month.

Recently, I have been silently comparing the days of schooling, curriculum, home-work, peer pressure and parenting as a whole – to back in the day when parenting did not entail as much ‘pressure’ as we experience nowadays and at the same time, when growing up did not have as much ‘pressure’ as we experience today.

Unfortunately, we cannot shy away from this reality – but as parents we can equip ourselves to better understand our children and look at ways to help them through their journey.  We need to understand that each child’s individuality and celebrate and grow their strengths and work on their weakness.  Your love, as a parent means the world to your children, therefore understanding their individual needs (learning abilities and emotional state) will help them have happier and more fulfilled days.

We cannot ignore peer pressure that is rife within the community.  This lends for us to raise well-grounded and self confident children who will not succumb to ‘wanting to fit in’ with others.  The only way this can be inculcated is through raising a child who feels empowered and strong.

Parents are faced with a difficult situation of trying to parent with love and care as well as establishing boundaries within the home.  Working with a coach can help establish these boundaries, identify clear learning strategies that will help your child cope better academically, develop self-confidence and empower your growing individual to become strong and self-reliant.

Coaching can help with you understand your child better,  as well as help you tackle sensitive topics (with your child) that maybe difficult for you to address.  Remember, that the journey is only just beginning for your children and setting a strong foundation is essential in creating great human-beings.   

Coaching towards connection : Parent & Child

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