Love is on the mind of many during the month of love.  In order to enjoy good relationships there has to be a few key ingredients including mutual trust that stems from mutual respect.  Not all relationships have the benefit of those essential values; perhaps something has happened during the course of the relationship that has led partners to be wary of mistrust.  Suspicion and lack of respect then becomes the focus and the relationship can quickly dwindle.

Trust works at many levels – whether it is in parenting — having a parent trust the child enough to make good decisions and in turn the child having faith and trust in the parent to confide about matters that are on her mind.

Trust in the workplace is also essential.  We do spend most of our time at work – with colleagues who we should be able to trust.  Work-place gossip and bullying should never be tolerated.  Eradicating this comes from not entertaining the gossip within the office.  Work-place bullying or power-struggles are not healthy when it comes to developing and earning trust.  Therefore, being assertive is important to regain your self-respect.

How can you build trust :

  • Talk about your feelings

Communication is important – by reaching out and explaining how you feel.  This includes sharing what causes you uneasiness, and what brings out mistrust.  You cannot assume your partner knows how you feel, if you do not share those feelings.

  • Have you experienced reason to doubt your partner previously? Have you both worked out the issue – then move on, without regularly bringing it up in conversations.
  • Remember the role of respect

In order to gain trust in any relationship (as a parent, in a marriage or at work) you have to be respectful and trustworthy yourself.

  • Let go of fear

Should you really want the relationship to work, you have to gradually let go of the fear attached to mis-trust, and cautiously take steps to be more free and present in your relationship.

How can you build trust?

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