Have you ever felt that slowly but surely, your happiness has slipped away from you – investing more and more in something or somebody else?  Happiness, then became a sought after emotion, that you longed to feel, but rests in the hands of another.  Unfortunately, we can fall into a vicious cycle of depending on others to makes us feel good, special and valuable.  When we become this dependant, distress creeps in.

The simple reason for this is that we have expectations from our relationships, and when there are disappointments we lose our self-worth.  It can take a long time of self-pity, of wallowing in regret and hurt – with even blaming yourself in the process.  People who talk to me regret wasting so much of time trying to work through unhappy relationships, and investing so much of themselves into something that is clearly not working – often holding on to it so tightly, that they miss living in the present.

Ultimately there is a lesson to be learnt from every situation.  When you are in a difficult situation, you  cannot see the lesson to be learnt and therefore find it difficult to let go and move on.

Remember, that ultimately your happiness, rests with you.  You have to take responsibility for this – as difficult as it maybe, your happiness is your own.  Yes, life may have thrown you some unfortunate curves, but the way you respond to these situations are important.  Remember, that as in anything in life – we have to learn and take those experiences as opportunities to grow.

As a life and empowerment coach, I see the difference when you tackle life through a positive outlook.  With this mindset of learning, growing and creating your own happiness – you will ultimately live your best, most fulfilling life – because ultimately your happiness is your choice.  Own it!

Own your happiness

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