Mindful Parenting 

I will never forget the day that the COVID-19 patient zero was announced in South Africa.

I was in the classroom when news came around and I explained to my Grade 7 learners what is about to unfold. 
When I got home, both my daughters were confused (as they had already heard of the news from their school) and had many questions to ask.  Yes, they are still primary school goers and it was information overload!
Fast-track ten weeks later – South Africa and the world had experienced a new life.  
Children are not in the classrooms.
Parents are working from home.
Families and relationships have changed!
This eBook is for every family across the world navigating through this difficult time (and beyond) 
MINDFUL PARENTING – Balancing work, home-schooling & mindset 
is a power-packed eBook serving families to adjust, and readjust in balancing what is important at home!  This beautifully creative eBook is easy-to-read, and simple to implement – sparking joy within your home and in your family.
 – Mindful Parenting – Balancing work, home-schooling & mindset outlines:
*  Ways to cope during this difficult time
*  Reframing the mind set to make every day a better day
*  Creating a wonderful and happy home environment
*  Negotiating screen-time with your child
*  Re-designing work and home-schooling space to spark joy in your environment
*  Understanding your parenting style – the unique parent you and and how that serves your family 
*  Special feature on the Joy of Self Love for parents!