“My sessions with Krsangi Radhe helped me gain clarity.  I have been battling in following my goals and could not really work out how to get to where I wanted to be.  Through our dynamic sessions, Krsangi remained non-judgemental and kept me focussed on what I want.  We were able to draw up a map of how to get from where I am to my goal of being an independent woman.”  – Jessica 


“I am a single mum and found that self-care was quite difficult for me – just because I felt that if I invested time in myself, my children will be neglected.  This made me feel down and actually ‘burnt-out’.  My sessions with Krsangi were powerful, and made me understand that my true value and worth is being a happy individual  –  when I am fulfilled, then I will be able to be a happier mum.  Without those coaching sessions with Krsangi, I am sure that I would still feel guilty every time I spend time on doing things that I love to do.”  – Varsha 


I met Krsangi at the Mind, Body and Spirit fest where she spoke on growing strong relationships.  I remembered her talk on trust (as I had trust issues from a previous relationship) and contacted her about three months later.  She was kind and caring – and was completely non-judgemental.  She helped me with commitment issues, and allowing myself to ‘cautiously’ trust again.  I am now open to meeting new people, and building new and meaningful relationships.”  – Sarah Jane