Has anyone ever told you that you overreacted to a situation but you did not agree? Have you ever missed out on events, such as family gatherings, because of negative emotions? Have you ever set goals in the future and had them not happen?

Our past experiences and the memories that go with them affect how we approach present day situations. When preventing us from expressing ourselves in an appropriate way these experiences and memories stop us from achieving the results we want. Time Line Therapy™ techniques can assist us to change all that.

Time Line Therapy™ is a process that assists us:

  1. To let go of Negative Emotions from the past
  2. To let go of Limiting Decisions from the past
  3. Create our future the way we want it.

These are the three major techniques that comprise Time Line Therapy™—they are easy to do and make a significant change in a person’s life.

We are so often ‘haunted’ by the mistakes of the past that we continuously feel stuck. Have you ever felt that although you have ‘moved on’ – you actually haven’t completely let go of those emotions attached to past experiences? Does this make you upset?

You are not alone!

Time Line Therapy releases those emotions – helping you remember the positive learning from the past experience but more importantly allow you to focus on creating a future full of happiness.